Hi there!  Welcome to my store -The Be Store

My name is Amanda.  I'm married and we have been blessed with three wonderful girls.  I also work full time so I am busy!! Much like many of you I'm sure.

As I've gotten older - I really try to stick to the rule - if I don't love it - I don't buy it.  So here at The Be Store - I’ll be scouring the internet to curate wonderful things that will bring value to your life in some way.  They might be beautiful, inspirational, functional, solve some problem or some might be simply wonderfully whimsical.  Or they might be a combination of all of the above. 

I hope you will sign up for my email list.  I promise I won't spam you and will only send out emails occasionally when I have something I think will interest you or if we happen to be doing a give away!

Have a look around and hope to see you back here soon.